WORK: “Data Privacy Day: Keep Your Client’s Personal Data Safe”

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

On January 28th, AKA Data Privacy Day, another article by yours truly was published. My career as a content creator in English and my transformation into Eduardo Prospero are slowly but surely moving along, but that’s neither here nor there.

The point is I wrote a best practices to keep your client’s data safe list. And here it goes:


ARTICLE: “A Complete Guide to Petro – Venezuela’s Cryptocurrency Driven Attempt to Attain An Edge”

Achievement unlocked: Hackernoon published a second article by yours truly. This time is not a first-person chronicle, but a journalistic report on the Petro, Venezuela’s cryptocurrency. It contains five interviews, quotes from articles from all over the world and zero personal opinions, except for the conjectures and educated guesses near the end. It consists of near six thousand words – sidebars included – thus making it my most ambitious work in the English language so far.

Without further ado, let’s go to the quotes:


New clients: Forever Redwood and Posterity (links to live articles inside)


In your face, world.

For the untrained eye it would seem like this blog is failing. I opened it a year ago and my posts have zero traction, I’ve only gathered a few followers and I seldomly update it. The detail you’re all missing has always been clear and in the open, the objective of this publication is to find honest jobs for me out there in the wilderness of the Internet. I announced it. Twice. In that regard, the success is evident. I’ve been working, and that’s the main reason things have been so quiet around here.

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Two or three paragraphs about “A Moon Shaped Pool”

A Moon Shaped Pool

At fist I thought this was the most rock Radiohead had put in al album in over a decade. I was wrong. I’m not an “In Rainbows” or “The King of Limbs” fan, but I love the rest of their output. This new one, I don’t feel like listening to it too much. There’s no deniying the high quality of the music inside “A Moon Shaped Pool“, but Thom Yorke is still in crying mode and Jonny Greenwood still won’t play guitar. In spite of that, they archieved something special. It just doesn’t appeal to me specifically.

I’m still in awe about Burn the Witch“, and the video is probably my favorite of the year. I also enjoy “Decks Dark” and “Identikit” tremendously. I don’t like Daydreaming at all, but I wouldn’t move the dial if it came up on the radio. “True Love Waits” grew on me, even though I’m not a ballad man. The rest is alright, and it has sublime moments, but I cant’t help but miss the old days, when they were a rock band. The album is still #2 among the critics and #1 among the public according to Album of the Year, so I guess Radiohead will survive the judgement of my two or three paragraphs.