About my participation in “Together” by Andy Gell


Look, there’s no way around it: I’m a published author now.

I contributed five or six paragraphs to Together” by Andy Gell, a The KLF inspired collaborative book already available.

It’s part of the huge amount of art The 400 are producing following this event, one which you should be familiarized with to understand the novel or even what I’m talking about here. It’s also book two on the “WTF Trilogy” by Mr. Gell.

Since I haven’t read “Together” yet, this post consists of a few quotes from the first glowing review it received:  Continue reading


Writer retreat: Boconó


So, I fled to this town in Los Andes, Venezuela to finish the damn novella. I guess its a novel now, “La Tormenta” grew to almost 200 pages, but whatever… I´ll be back soon to get this blog into gear. I have so many plans for it.

Greetings from Boconó,
Amílcar Ortega.