WORK: “The rise of content marketing and native ads”

Is there a mystery you need to solve? Eduardo Prospero could be on the case.

This time the question was: If the public is sick and tired of ads in the digital space, what does the future of Internet marketing looks like? 

The answer and, more importantly, many more questions after the jump.

As always, I recommend that you read the whole piece and get familiar with the future of marketing.

The article starts by clearly stating the situation:

The problem: Ads overdose. Banner blindness. A deluge of intrusive formats, high-profile data breaches, and low perception of value have all contributed to increased consumer backlash towards all manner of ads.

The solution: Unknown as of yet. But, there are leads.

The promise: The future will deliver all the data in the world. Machine learning to interpret that data in unimaginable ways. Tracking mechanisms that seem to come out of science fiction novels. And even more important than all of that, new ideas. New approaches. New ways to crack the case.

Later on, it puts the clients in their place and asks the marketers to win their hearts:

This principle has always been at the…heart of advertising and marketing. Still, we tend to forget it. And since the Internet finally provided a way to measure a campaign’s success, we binged on conversion rates, CTR, and ROI. We will have even more data in the future, but the customer should be #1 in our minds

Then, it puts native ads and content marketing in the same arena:

With contextual advertising or “native ads”, we go back to the idea at the centre of content marketing. An idea proposed by Bill Gates in the previous century: Content is king. It just is, content is the fuel that moves the Internet.  But, how does this relate to ads? Businesses will be increasingly adopting native advertising and will achieve impact through its direct association with valued content.

And, near the end, it asks the aforementioned questions:

The future will probably open new battlefields, but from a limited perspective, the present gives us it is hard to determine which ones. Will the Internet of Things provide new screens for brands to be present in? Is Virtual Reality ready for primetime? Will Augmented Reality reach the mainstream? Is voice-search really the new frontier or are smart assistants just a fad? What will be the next behemoth to be totally replaced by the new kid on the block?

You should read the whole thing, though. It features phenomenal quotes by respected media outlets and experts, and paints a whole picture this introduction couldn’t even begin to show.

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