The #23 in media, Instagram, and life

One fine day I decided to use La Tormenta’sInstagram account to post the twenty-threes I caught on the media. It was supposed to be a side-dish, not the main meal. Once I started, 23s kept showing up. Everywhere.

Once upon a time, it was hard to catch. Nowadays it seems to be mandatory.

Let’s explore a few of the more notorious and nefarious ones after the jump.

So, what does the #23 mean? That’s out of the scope of this article.

Some day I’ll write about it. I’ll tell you the story of Capitan Clark and the ferry he ran from Tangier to Spain. How he told William Burroughs he’d been at the helm of the boat for 23 years without an accident, and how that very night the ferry sank killing everyone on board. 

Or maybe how Burroughs told that story to Robert Anton Wilson, who then proceeded to dedicate his whole life to try to solve the mystery behind the number. Which, of course, he never accomplished.

Today, though, we will provide a few examples of its omnipresence and nothing else. They’re impressive enough. They can carry this post themselves.

Are you threatening me?

Let’s start with adrenaline, I recently received this threat – or promise – through my in-Spanish-blog’s contact form.

My answer: You have your work cut out for you, buddy. People get sick of me pretty quickly.

Done. Now let’s go back to the story and chronological order:

23 beautiful explosions

I saw this #23 in the “Chernobyl” show and couldn’t help myself. I screenshotted it and posted it. I’m not a visual person, so I was already having trouble coming up with material for La Tormenta’sInstagram account. This seemed like a good way to solve this problem. Little did I know…

23 stacks of cash

I posted a couple more I had on the chamber and forgot about it… until Pinkman counted 23 stacks of bills in “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie”. Once again, I couldn’t contain myself. 

In the following days, I got twenty-threes in “Undone“, “Succession“, “Mr. Robot“, “Watchmen“, “Wu-Tang: An American Saga“. All interesting shows that make up an important part of today’s zeitgeist.

23 silver screens

And then came the movies. 

Moving close to Oscar season, I found three 23s in old school home appliances in the phenomenal “Uncut Gems”. That one didn’t get nominated, but these movies with 23s on them were: “The Irishman”, “1917“, “Bombshell“, “Knives Out“. 

23 exotic tigers

Of course, the phenomenon that was “Tiger King” couldn’t be left out. This is just one, the documentary contains many 23s.

And, to bring this closer to home, the very recentFreud“, “The Midnight Gospel“, and even Gorillaz’s latest video are throwing the #23

So, I guess what I’m trying to say with all of this is: follow “La Tormenta’s” Instagram. I started it too late and it’s having a hard time gaining traction.

And, of course, if you speak Spanish or know someone who does, do yourself a favor and buy the book:

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