WORK: “Important facts: Is mass-cryptocurrency-adoption Venezuela’s destiny?”

Infographic: How Common is Crypto? | Statista

This “Important facts: Is mass-cryptocurrency-adoption Venezuela’s destiny?” is one of the articles I’m more proud of. But, for some strange reason, I hadn’t linked it in my own blog.

A blog that nowadays is nothing less than my living and breathing CV. Even though the weird articles I published at the beginning are getting far more traffic, I’m trying to keep this space nice and clean for my prospective clients.

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This is an article about a complex subject: why hasn’t cryptocurrency taken hold in Venezuela despite the fact that the economic landscape of the country seems like fertile ground for it.

And still, it gets all green lights in the YOAST SEO plugin. An incredible feat, if I may say so myself.

It stats with stats and facts:

According to Coindance, the country’s activity on LocalBitcoins is immense. Through December Venezuela’s business oscillated between 14.2% and 15.4% of the total volume the site moves. And it sits at #4 in the “Which country trades the most Bitcoin” all-time leaderboard.

However, on the ground, most people are just as unaware of cryptocurrency as the rest of the world. They’ve heard the name “Bitcoin”, and some of them know as few myths and legends about it. They don’t use it, though. They wouldn’t know where to begin if they wanted to. And most of the altcoins are virtually unknown.

After that, it discusses the exchange control policy in the country and its place in the worldwide cryptocurrency adoption stats. Then, it goes to out very own poll:

The poll was intended for Venezuelans still living in the country, and the question was: 

Considering Venezuela suffers a perpetual currency-control regime and the most devastating inflation in history, why DON’T you use cryptocurrencies to safeguard your money?” 
Twitter allows a maximum of four choices, so we boiled the possible reasons down. The results were as follows:

43% blamed it on a “Lack of Information” 

27% claimed it was “Too volatile” 

20% complained it’s “Too difficult to use

10% admitted “I don’t trust the technology” 

Then, it analyzes the results, the most important part of the article if you ask me. Then states other responses, goes into a case study analysis of Dash in Venezuela, and finishes with a startling conclusion. If I were you, I would read the whole “Important facts: Is mass-cryptocurrency-adoption Venezuela’s destiny?“. It’s certainly worth it. And extremely entertaining, if I may say so myself.

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