Three examples of content curation. Dissecting and summarizing great ideas:

Jack Parsons in The Claypool Lennon Delirium's “Blood and Rockets: Movement I, Saga of Jack Parsons – Movement II, Too the Moon”

This space has been a little quiet lately, but hey… I got hired to ghostwrite a big-big project and I’ve been working on getting my writing published in other platforms. The latest accomplishment in that regard are these little pieces for the “microdoses” section in Metapsychosis, arguably the most complex and perplexing site around.

For the first installment I wrote about this work-of-art of a videoclip, and among other things said:

The duo, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, are Sean Lennon, son of John and Yoko, and the hard-hard bass player Les Claypool of Primus fame. Their debut album is incredible and this is the first single of “South of Reality”, the second one, out February 22, 2019.

A lot of alchemical themes, occult allegories, dubious characters, sex magick allusions and sacred geometry present up there in the video, but I’ll let you all decode it for yourselves.

Secondly, I summarized this fairly unknown David Lynch interview:

And, among other things, wrote:

He teases us with the existence of a field of total knowledge, unbounded, eternal, and presents the benefits of regular meditation: Bliss. Love. Energy. Enjoying life. Seeing the bigger picture. Getting more of you, more power, more edge. He teaches us that “Suffering is an enemy to creativity. Negativity is the enemy to creativity,” answers the question “What does spiritual means to you?” and talks about the importance having a set-up for an artist.

For the third installment I dissected one of Alan Moore‘s appearances in the Book Shambles podcast:

And, among other things, proclaimed:

Then we step into the lab and talk about the best things to come out of science: brilliant ideas that we’re never going to know are right or wrong, real or not. Like black holes or the multiverse, of which he doesn’t approve. Another example of something we will never be able to confirm: Why the expansion of the Universe is not slowing down as we anticipated, but in fact, speeding up? Our reality might be a 3D facet of a 4D crystal which is expanding rapidly in a 5D liquid. Yeah. Gigantic, beautiful, useless ideas. Like simulation theory.

And that’s it for now. Expect more soon, stay tuned to Metapsychosis.

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