Extracts from an ARTICLE about Content Marketing


I wrote this killer article as my audition tape for Writing Bunny, a content company, and of course I got the job. I know I promised not to brag, but hey… the article is as concrete as a hammer to the forehead and showcases my knowledge of the thème du jour: Content Marketing. My new specialty. You should read the whole thing but, since everyone is so busy these days, here are a few selected fragments:

There’s no denying it, the thing starts strong:

After years of being the unacknowledged ruler of the Internet, the era of content is finally here. Yeah, yeah, Bill Gates wrote the “content is king” essay in 1996 and the web has always been little more than a content distributor, but the reality of the situation is that it has never gotten the respect it deserves. Until now. Since “advertising fatigue” and “banner blindness” have settled in and the public is armed with all kinds of ad-blockers, companies have been forced to learn to provide value, build relationships with their customers and invest in content marketing. The backbone of the Internet is back in the spotlight.

First things first, Textbroker defines Content Marketing as: “a marketing strategy centered around the visitor’s interests with quality content instead of advertising

It seems to me that with this “marketing strategy” everybody wins, which is not as common as it should be in the advertising industry.

Later on the article spends some time on the importance of a concrete content strategy:

Your brand’s strategy needs to be crystal clear and chances are it isn’t, Neil Patel informs: “Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs conducted a 2014 survey of B2B marketers. Of the successful marketers, 66% have a document content strategy. Of the unsuccessful marketers, only 11% have a documented content strategy.” The data is clear. In another article Patel states: “What we’re facing is an industry in which “strategy” – whatever that is – is either not working or nonexistent. Why? Because there isn’t a strategy at all.” And, sorry to tell you, that’s not going to work.

You have to know and study your audience, set clear goals and develop a way to measure the effects your content has on your website’s traffic and your social media accounts. This has to be a constant and never-ending process. It has to.

And right near the end I go on about what every client cares about: results. And measurable results at that.

… your brand’s goals have to be obtainable, be realistic and don’t deceive yourself. Mediaplanet’s blog explains: “Results aren’t immediate. People don’t usually read a blog post or watch a Facebook video and instantly buy something. That is just not how the purchasing journey works. Marketers need to understand that content marketing takes time.” It also requires hard and constant work. The SEO hacker reinforces the idea: “Content marketing takes time, and there will be occasions when you will need to analyze each step, find out what’s lacking. Then, there will also be times when the whole strategy wouldn’t work – at least not yet, and it’s okay.

Anyway, read the whole piece because content marketing is important.
And hire me.
Because I’m important.

For the sake of completeness and to finish off  the secondary storyI present to you this script I wrote, my first paid gig at Writing Bunny and my first five star review on behalf of the client. It’s for a motion-graphics video about a city-planning software called Urban Performance.

In any case, don’t take this article as an endorsement of Writing Bunny. I barely know them. I’m just starting. I don’t really like the gamification of the freelancing experience, but hey… maybe they are on to something.

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