LISTEN: Foster & The Pranksters – “La Honda” and “THE ACID TEST” EPs

I first heard about Foster through “Plant the Rapper”, his now-deleted Chance the Rapper diss. I’d just released my reasonings about the superstar’s suspicious rise to fame and his lyrics had ten times more information than my video. Also, they had slick lines and were funny.

His band’s name is a reference to Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters, characters that are bound to appear frequently on this blog, and they’ve just released two back to back EPs that will not get the attention they deserve because they reveal too much. Foster might be a firecracker on Twitter, but he knows what’s up. They combine rock and hip hop in a brand new way; Danny Brown once rightly said that this particular mix of genres died because of Fred Durst, but Foster & the Pranksters don’t sound anything like the ill fated rap metal.

It’s to be noted that “La Honda” features Royce Da 5’9″ on the final track, one of the coldest MCs out there when he’s not defending Eminem.

The formal info about the release says: 

Amidst an extensive production process in the creation of our EP “Further,” we were approaching 2 years since the release of our first single, “Think Me A Fool.“.

While the band has created a devoted underground following in the NYC/NJ area, built on the signature blend of blues, hip-hop, and rock, our live audience and social media followers were anticipating a full release.

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Foster, La Honda is a truly DIY, independent body of work, created for the fans who support real music. Every song is an original composition (music by Mike C/lyrics by Foster); performed by the band in real-time; live takes, no punches. We’re also excited to present an appearance by Detroit veteran, Royce Da 5’9” on the final track of the EP titled, “Live As It Gets.”

Tracklist: La Honda – Full EP (HQ)
20th Century Eclipse 0:00-1:43
The Vent 1:44-5:05
Mic Check (Interlude) 5:06-5:50
Phobia 5:51-9:24
Natural Mystic 9:25-14:15
Live As It Gets ft. Royce Da 5’9 14:16-17:08

Three months later they took an even more psychedelic path and released “THE ACID TEST”, a real “Acid Rap” piece of music:

Less than three months after the release of their surprise debut EP, La Honda, Foster & The Pranksters are back with the hard-hitting, psychedelic trip, THE ACID TEST. Over the course of this 4-track offering, the band explores new styles, expanding on the alternative rock/hip-hop blend they’ve been credited with helping to pioneer. The 10-minute project is concise and sharp, smoothly transitioning between spaced-out, melodic grooves and high-caliber lyricism. Foster & The Pranksters continue to defy conventions and leave their audience wondering where they’ll take their sound next, but for now, the only question left is:

“Can you pass the acid test?”

And that’s it for now, but do keep tabs on Foster & the Pranksters. Chances are they won’t be big, but they’ll be important in the apocalyptic times to come.

See what I did there? “Chances“, LOL.

More info <— —

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