Venezuelan Art Report 002: Bacalao Men, Cachicamoconcaspa, Bumbac Joe, Darelectric, GIVNT, MC/ DC and Nella Rojas.


September, 2018 – Wow, this was hard. Like most of the artists featured in this art reports, I had to leave Venezuela. My story is material for another post, but the pertinent point is: I haven’t had a reliable Internet connection for a while and that’s the reason continuing this took so long. No excuses though. I have to be more reliable.
This second edition of the Venezuelan Art Report is a music special, because music  was my topic of choice before I promised to write about boring subjects, which I still plan to do. Someday in the future.

But for the time being, in the present, after the jump, you have a kickass Venezuelan Art Report music special

  • Great news world, Bacalao Men reformed in Miami and released a new album which you can listen to for free. It’s also in most streaming plataforms. This band has existed for almost 20 years and in its prime was pretty big in Venezuela, they make afro caribbean music with a rock set up, they mix salsa with punk, they can make you dance and think at the same time. Don’t miss this album:

More Bacalao –>

  • The main image in this report belongs to the misterious compilation “Sonidos del Más Allá” from La Malva Ediciones. In it, Cachicamoconcaspa, Venezuela’s most controversial tropical band, makes its return with a killer “Uptown Funk” cover… and that’s all I know about the tape, I couldn’t find more information on the net. There’s a promomix you can listen to, though:

More Cachicamo –> (you can download all of their discography there)

More Sonidos –>

  • Chicago based venezuelan Dj and Producer Bumbac Joe has a new electrotropical radio show and a new band. They released the song “Black Roses” as a free download, and this is the formal information about it:

    Parlant Parlant is how we call the side project I have with my homie musician Tim Mc Nulty.
    Black Roses is a revisit of Barrington Levy´s song but spiced up with Colombian cumbia percussion, uncle Steve Wonder style synths and the beautiful voice of Amanda Huff.
    This is not a remix, this is not a cover version. We took the chorus hook and reinvented a new song around it.

    And this is “Black Roses”:

    About the radio show, it’s called “Island of Polygroovism” and you can listen to all of the available episodes here –>

  • Darelectric, a NYC based venezuelan DJ, uploaded a super elegant minimal techno set recorded live at the Miami party “Do Not Sit“:

More Darelectric –>

  • GIVNT, venezuelan DJ and producer living in Belo Horizonte, made this incredible beat for brazilian hip hop act Sistema Harmonico, “Fim do Túnel“:

More GIVNT –>

  • Last but not least, this incredibly beautiful woman and amazing singer Nella Rojas has been making waves lately. She’s all over the soundtrack for the PenélopeCruz-JavierBardem-RicardoDarín movie “Todos lo Saben“, expected to be a huge, and went viral with this simple acapella video.  Her original music is not my cup of tea, but maybe it’s yours:

More Nella –>

And that’s it for today people.
Expect more. As soon as possible.
Please share, these artists deserve it.


  • I had to add my new song, the first MC/ DC material in like 5 years, “No Pierdan la Calma (Ft. Ibenaldi + Mr. Carmack)“:

More MC/ DC –>

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