Venezuelan Art Report 001: Blanca Haddad, Dj Trujillo, Lienzos, Adriana Berroterán and Pobeda.


June, 2018. – We travel around the world for the inaugural Venezuelan Art Report.

Let’s make this space useful. I have access to a wealth of information almost nobody is privy to, all of the artists the Venezuelan Art Report will feature need exposure and an international audience and this blog needs some kind of focus. Everybody wins, especially you, the art connoisseur hungry for the new new new wave, for the skewed vision that coming from a destroyed country provides.

This is going to be incredible for all parts involved, I can feel it. And it starts now

  • Venezuelan artist based in Barcelona, Spain, Blanca Haddad, presented her individual show “Colección de Cartones” at the Sala Aureli Gandul in the Nau Bostik art space. The main image from this report belongs to photographer Yana Mood and this video trailer for the expo belongs to you all:

More Blanca –>

  • Dj Trujillo, Venezuelan based in Berlin, Germany, recorded this classy classy set for the Canela En Surco radio show in Barcelona, Spain :

Tracklist –>

More Dj Trujillo –>

  • This girl Lienzos has it all, electronics and performance art and that je ne sais quoi. Her zero budget video for “Tigre” was directed by Inés Magma, they’re still in Caracas by the looks of it in Maracay:

More Lienzos –>

  • Venezuelan director based in Mexico CityAdriana Berroterán, made this outstanding video for Vil, a band from Iceland:

More Adriana –>

  • Pobeda is an experimental-rock-post-hardcore band based in Moscow, Russia. The vocalist and main lyricist is Venezuelan Leonardo Perez.

Their words about this release:


Outside four walls your first ride home. Learn to walk before you run. Unlike the past visit the ruins, the honesty field. You must understand that the key is inside.

More Pobeda –>

And that’s it for today.
Expect more. Soon.
Please share, these people deserve it.

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