About my participation in “Together” by Andy Gell


Look, there’s no way around it: I’m a published author now.

I contributed five or six paragraphs to Together” by Andy Gell, a The KLF inspired collaborative book already available.

It’s part of the huge amount of art The 400 are producing following this event, one which you should be familiarized with to understand the novel or even what I’m talking about here. It’s also book two on the “WTF Trilogy” by Mr. Gell.

Since I haven’t read “Together” yet, this post consists of a few quotes from the first glowing review it received: 

Consisting of 13 chapters, each of which covers an hour from the day of November 23rd, we are given a chronological account of events via time-stamped paragraphs. However, within that structure, the author informs us that, ‘The following events all take place between 11:23 and midnight on November 23rd, but not necessarily in the same year or in the same universe.’

Each chapter opens with an illustration from Ben Asselstine.

At times there is very little back story to the characters but even without such references, their behaviours and actions offer intrigue and deliver micro-narratives. Many characters arise and are often just identified via a single name such as ‘Becci’ or ‘Toby’. You will soon catch yourself looking out for the appearances as they arise.

Despite having an army of authors, this book does not feel like it was written by a diverse number of people. Somehow, through the instructions and the collaborators reached, a collective hive-mind has synced with Andy Gell to speak as one united voice. That is quite an achievement.

Even though we have 37 contributors, each telling their own story in isolation, we do not have a disparate collection of tales that are strangers to each other. We have an intertwined collection of threads that evolve into a body of work where its sum is far greater than that of its parts.

There is so much within the 160 pages that it is likely that you may need to revisit this novel to unearth all that it has to offer.

Drummond, Cauty, Welcome To The Dark Ages and 2023 have given birth to a bold and INNOVATIVE body of creative writing. Andy Gell is a true artist. But he is also a catalyst, inspiration and leader – as well as a great Project Manager. We are lucky to have him in our family.

And to finish off, the stats:

Across 160 pages there are…

37 contributors

23 words in each and every paragraph

23231 words

And in case you missed them, the links:

It’s so cool to be a part of this. Achievement unlocked. Shoutout to Mr. Gell.

  • UPDATE 09/03, the book trailer:

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