Second video: “Is Chance the Rapper an industry plant? Reasoning inside”

Another video about hip hop to show my understanding on the subject to a non existent audience. The fear present in the first video persists. Still, I think I make a strong case and make my points clear. And I believe the content will attract some kind of following eventually, but I thought the same thing about my Twitter account in English and look how that turned out. On the other hand, You Tube is not a dying social network… but I digress. The thing is, Chance the Rapper is an industry plant.

The formal info that accompanies the video: 

Case closed.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

A media analysis video that covers all the bases and arrives to a stunning conclusion.

SPOILER ALERT: He is. Chance is. An Industry Plant. Probably.

This was going to be the first “Eduardo Speaks” but I had audio problems and had to record it again. You know how it goes.

Videos and articles mentioned:

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– Chance the Rapper turned down signing to TDE —

– Raury’s “Industry Plant” t-shirt:

– Nardwuar vs. Chance The Rapper —

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– Joe Budden Fires Back at Chance the Rapper —

– Russ Joins to talk Industry Plants, the Blog Era, Labels vs Indie —

— Russ Says Artists are Pretending to be Indie but are Secretly Signed to Labels —

— How Chance The Rapper’s Manager, Pat Corcoran, Reimagined the Music Business | Blueprint —-

— Logic admits being signed for a year before announcing it —

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