New clients: Forever Redwood and Posterity (links to live articles inside)


In your face, world.

For the untrained eye it would seem like this blog is failing. I opened it a year ago and my posts have zero traction, I’ve only gathered a few followers and I seldomly update it. The detail you’re all missing has always been clear and in the open, the objective of this publication is to find honest jobs for me out there in the wilderness of the Internet. I announced it. Twice. In that regard, the success is evident. I’ve been working, and that’s the main reason things have been so quiet around here.

Examples and stories after the jump: 

My first job in English ever is for Forever Redwood, an incredible company that makes wooden furniture and “is committed to growing and protecting Redwood Forests by utilizing the proceeds from product sales to fund restoration efforts.” Even though the pieces appear under my name, here at least half of the credit goes to my editor Marco, who conducts the interviews that provide the raw material, polishes and softens the edges, contributes with ideas, and makes sure no mistakes or typos get printed.

We have five articles published so far:

I also got a job for a poster company in Chile in which I get to write about art and Virtual Reality. And in Spanish, which for me takes less time and energy. Here, I’m putting a lot of effort and dedication because I believe in Posterity and want to solve a problem for them. Also, because I get to write about art, VR and AR.

So far we’ve published seven varied pieces with a lot of material on the horizon:  

Last but not least, I got an article about how trap music took over the world like a virus published in Urbe Bikini, which really only pays cents but its beneficial for my CV or something:

Sadly, I can’t keep working for Bolívares, my country’s currency is living a tragicomic moment I couldn’t even begin to describe.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: I can still take another international client, I have time and space for just one more and that special someone can be you. Hire me. It’s going to be amazing for us both.


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