Warning: BROCKHAMPTON will take over the USA and then Earth

Me llamo Roberto y vengo a predecir el futuro

Few bands scare me as much as this kids. I’ve never been so sure an act is going to blow up, much less one whose music I don’t even like that much. 

If you ask me, they seem to take everything I despise about today’s popular North American music and blend it into an undeniable and unavoidable sound that will be huge in a matter of minutes. You’ll read this and abracadabra, they’ll appear all over the Internet and their names will be known around the world. Their music is that explosive.  The word is already spreading. You’re reading this and can’t help but be amazed by all the changes and switches on that first song. Certain disgust and uneasiness is also unavoidable.

They market themselves as an “All American Boy Band“, which I can’t support but find incredibly ingenious. BROCKHAMPTON has it all, black and white, gay and straight members, and always present outside crew a-la Odd Future, a DIY attitude, pop sensibility, beats that will raise grandma from the dead, rappers, singers, mumble rappers, outstanding videos made on the cheap and all the energy available in the Universe.

Also, and I won’t dwell on this, they promote several agendas that the elites are interested in keeping on eyes and ears of the general public. They’re unstoppable.

In the eye of the storm we find Kevin Abstract, the gay rapper with all the buzz who spearheaded the whole movement with two albums and this semi hit. He’s also the director of most of BROCKHAMPTON’s iconic audiovisual output. He’s far from the only attraction, the Boy Band has a character for every taste and each one has huge star potential: Joba provides the voice and the autotuned-or-not hooks, Ameer Vann kills it as the modern rapper with the little dances and face gestures, Merlyn Wood plays the crazy singer with the islands flow, Matt Champion has the white lines and brings girls, Dom McLennon the more traditional raps and the fatness flavour. I think there are a couple more, but I haven’t been able to pin them down. 

We’re so ahead of the curve on this one, BROCKHAMPTON is so new, that they don’t have their own Wikipedia page and all the info available about them on that site are a couple paragraphs in Kevin Abstract‘s one and this skeleton about their first mixtape “All-American Trash“.

Anyway, the Oracle says BROCKHAMPTON will take over the USA in six months and The World in two years. If everything goes according to plan, this kid’s collective will be ten times bigger than Odd Future ever was.

Up there are the two songs I really enjoy, even though I’m intrigued by them all. They sound like the future, like a new and frightening chapter in hip hop history, like a world I’m not part of but can finally respect musically. Up to a degree. I’m what gringos would call and old head, to me lyrics are first and foremost and in that aspect BROCKHAMPTON has zero. Their songs might not say much, but damn they’re fun and their flows are contagious and effervescent. And those beats…

From their upcoming debut album, besides those two upstairs, they’ve put out the hip pop anthem “FACE“, the summer hit “LAMB” and “STAR“, the one with the Migos-like-flow that makes me want to puke but somehow they make it work. In the previous stage, almost two years ago, they won some contest and part of the prize was this more upscale video for “Dirt.

God help us all, cruel world.
Lets take a front seat and watch this kids conquer Earth.

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