“In 2016 I enjoyed”, my music list to close off the period

I would love to justify my lateness alleging that I was waiting for the new Run The Jewels to drop, but actually I just couldn’t find the necessary silence to finish this beauty until today. Or the will. This December in Venezuela was odd and noisy, even with fireworks out of everybody’s price range.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand… without further ado and starting at the top:


1.- “Blackstar” by David Bowie

Just going by the incredible music, the last Bowie  would be one of my album of the year contenders; “Blackstar” is so much more though. Intricate and infinite,  unexplainable and unsurpassable; an integral work of art that transcends the medium and will be examined and dissected until some comet hits The Earth.


2.- “We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service” by A Tribe Called Quest

Q-Tip and company, showing this kids how it’s done. When I first heard of a post-Phife last Tribe album, I had zero hopes for it to be more than average. The way it took me by surprise helped to propel it up this list. Bulletproof quality, it feels current and also contains the band’s signature sound. Plus, all my favorite artists are featured as guest, there’s a possibility this album was made for me. I’m sure I’ll listen to it for years to come. Maybe all my life.


3.- “Malibu” by Anderson .Paak

On my main blog (in Spanish), all through 2016 I betted on Mr. .Paak for Novice of the Year, but not even in my wildest dreams did I expect an album as solid as “Malibu”. It’s outstanding; fun, complex and with a real personality behind the whole thing. I guarantee it’ll pass the test of time.


4.- “Atrocity Exhibition” by Danny Brown

That “Old” album was made with another audience in mind and I didn’t connect with it. The first single from this new one seemed to follow the danceable for the party format and I became worried. Unnecessarily worried,  Mr. Brown returned with a complex and experimental work that gains more sense and sounds even better with each listen. What I expected from him and more, much more.


5.- “Telefone” by Noname

Got into this bandwagon late, but I haven’t stopped listening to this  kid’s first mixtape since it fell into my hands. Lyrical and musical, touching and intellectual, soulful and beautiful, it deserves all the attention you can afford to give. And it’s free. Support this girl, she’s a poet.

And that’s that. Almost. From 6 to 10 the list goes without order or hierarchy  because the last ones came out too recently and I haven’t listened to them enough to organize them:

Throwback to the Future” by Brookzill!, “Yes Lawd!” by NxWorries, “Do What Thou Wilt“ by Ab-Soul,Awaken, My Love!” by Childish Gambino and  “RTJ3″ by  Run The Jewels.

Come back next year for another dose of cold hard truth my opinions.

This article in Spanish –> http://hugehefner.tumblr.com/post/155346629984/en-2016-disfrut%C3%A9-de-mi-lista-resumen-del

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