The Second BITCOIN-ONLY Article’s Accomplishments

I recently learned that HackerNoon hosts approximately 35K writers and that the mailing lists reach 250K people daily. Interesting numbers to put into perspective the accomplishments of “Bitcoin Is The ONLY Digital Scarcity That Matters — Here’s Why,” the latest article in the BITCOIN-ONLY saga.

Without further ado, let’s go to the bullet points:

  • Once again, the article was selected as a HackerNoon Top Story. This means it was featured for approximately 24 hours on the homepage
  • This time, it was the main story on May 5th, 2023’s edition of Noonification, HackerNoon’s main mailing list.
  • The article trended twice on The TechBeat, reaching #19 at the peak of its popularity,

However, “Bitcoin Is The ONLY Digital Scarcity That Matters — Here’s Why,” didn’t reach the heights of the first article in click terms. Which is ok. The BITCOIN-ONLY movement is a marathon, not a sprint.

Here are some images for posterity:



This was a dispatch from Eduardo Prospero, Bitcoin’s ambassador to HackerNoon.

Bitcoin Is The ONLY Digital Scarcity That Matters. This Is Why.

The simple truth is that nobody can create more digital scarcity. It’s as simple as that. Your conscious self might reject the idea, but subconsciously most people understand this basic fact. And that might be the main reason why bitcoin has and will remain king. Just think about it, don’t be afraid of abstraction. Get philosophical for a second and consider this: 

Once Satoshi Nakamoto discovered digital scarcity, every person that tried to replicate his ideas and create more digital scarcity, actually created less digital scarcity. Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t make the rules. That’s how scarcity works. You can’t create more of it. If you create more, it’s less scarce.

To better understand this, let’s go back to basics.

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The First BITCOIN-ONLY Article’s Accomplishments

For those just tuning in, I declared myself Bitcoin’s ambassador to HackerNoon and started a BITCOIN-ONLY column in the popular tech publication. The first article, “Why BITCOIN ONLY? – Bitcoin is NOT “Crypto” accomplished the following:

  • It was selected as a HackerNoon Top Story, which means it was featured for approximately 24 hours in the homepage
  • It was also featured in Noonification, HackerNoon’s daily mailing list.
  • It was a trending article during the weekend.

Considering how competitive HackerNoon is, and how much content the world publishes on the platform, I would qualify the first article as a great success.

Here are some images for posterity:

The first BITCOIN-ONLY article @ Noonifications.
The article in question @ Noonification
HackerNoon's notification that the BITCOIN-ONLY article was trending.
HackerNoon’s notification that the article was trending.

This was a dispatch from Eduardo Prospero, Bitcoin’s ambassador to HackerNoon.

We need to talk about cryptocurrencies. Here are my ten greatest articles.

Cheers to the site I’m ghostwriting for. They gave me permission to share with you the best of my work.

These articles are SEO-heavy-keyword-filled-monsters.

The texts don’t have my usual flair, because that’s not what the client needed. 

These are lean and mean traffic generating machines.

And they’re full of useful info if you’re looking to get into the cryptocurrency craze of 2021.

After the jump, we’ll discuss: Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bittrex, and Coinmama. Which of these cryptocurrency exchanges is better for you? We’ll talk about Ripple and the XRP, about Lumen and its Stellar, and of course about the king and queen of the ball: Bitcoin and Ethereum. As a bonus we’ll feature the Verge coin, is it the new hot investment or an example of what not to do?

Get all of the answers and a lot more, after the jump:

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Ethereum 2.0 is alive. Learn what “staking” is before it’s too late.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re floating in space Ethereum 2.0 is here. Since the beginning of the month, the Beacon Chain is live. That’s the new blockchain that uses proof-of-stake model. It will run parallel to the first Ethereum blockchain, guaranteeing continuity of service.

If none of that makes sense to you, or if you want to refresh the concepts, head down to my “Ethereum 2.0: Is “staking” a risk-free, guaranteed investment?” article. A didactic piece for those who want to explore the possibilities of this new development and opportunity in the cryptocurrency space.

As an update for those in the know, the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken released a service for Ethereum staking. It forms pools together users who want to participate in the process and helps them validate transactions as a unit. In just four days, users deposited 100K in Ether. That’s more than $60 million at current ETH prices.

Anyway, read my article.

WORK: “Is Privacy a Myth?”

Are you looking for explosive information that will ruin your life? Do you want to sleep even less? Are you interested in more worries and stress? Well, you’re in luck!

In my latest article for Superb’s blog, I dissected a piece by the New York Times investigative journalism team titled “Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero Privacy”. They analyzed the shady underbelly of the location data industry and commerce, and I analyzed them doing it. That’s the only funny bit I have about this, the rest is scarier than “Rosemary’s Baby”, and equally as truthful.

You’ve been warned.

Move ahead, if you dare.

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